2019 Div 118 JEFFERSON COUNTY Interdivisional Strike Team
2018 Div 118 JEFFERSON COUNTY MABAS Strike Team

INTERDIVISIONAL BOX ALARM – Interdivisional Box Alarms are an extension of a fire department’s box alarm system for use at major incidents when all alarm levels on the box alarm card have been requested and additional manpower and/or equipment resources are needed. This type of response is requested from division to division and is generally used when speed of response is important and the event will usually be of a shorter duration (less than 12 hours). This may also be used for major incidents prior to activation of state resources when adjacent resources are needed immediately while state response assets are being mustered.

STRIKE TEAM – A strike team is defined as a fixed number of like units and personnel. Strike teams can be composed of engines, trucks, squads, tenders, ambulances, brush units, divers, hazardous materials or technical rescue.



INTERDIVISIONAL BOX ALARM TYPES – The following types of Interdivisional Box Alarm Cards may be developed:

  • Fire/Disaster Taskforce
  • Hazardous Materials Taskforce
  • Technical Rescue Taskforce
  • Dive Rescue Taskforce
  • Engine Strike Team
  • Truck Strike Team
  • Squad Strike Team
  • Tender Strike Team
  • Brush Unit Strike Team