About Mabas 118


MABAS Recycling Center Call with Whitewater Fire Department

MABAS Division 118 is comprised of Fire and EMS agencies in and around Jefferson County, Wisconsin. Having a pre-scripted response saves valuable time for both the incident commander and dispatch center when additional resources are needed.

MABAS Barn Fire in Sullivan/Rome

How does MABAS benefit our community?

As a MABAS member agency, your community has the same agreement as the other communities – all agreeing to voluntarily send pre-determined resources, without reservation, to assist a stricken community. Without a formal written mutual aid agreement (such as MABAS,) a request for mutual aid assistance becomes a legal quandary. A Fire Chief and his employing community sends resources at great risk should equipment be damaged or a firefighter is injured or killed in the line of duty. 

Egg Farm Fire

MABAS Works! 

The Egg Farm fire was a prime example of how MABAS works. The Palmyra Fire Department was able to get the necessary resources through the use of MABAS Wisconsin.