What is Mabas?

MABAS Structure Fire with Jefferson Fire Department


mabas explained

MABAS is a unique organization where every MABAS participating agency has signed the same contract with their 750+ counterpart MABAS agencies. As a MABAS agency, you agree to: standards of operation, incident command, minimum level of equipment staffing, safety, and on-scene terminology. MABAS agencies, regardless of their geopolitical origin, are able to work together seamlessly on any emergency scene. All MABAS agencies operate on a common radio frequency, Interagency Fire Emergency Radio Network (IFERN) and are activated for response through pre-designed run cards each participating agency designs and tailors to meet their local risk need. MABAS also provides mutual aid station coverage to a stricken community when their fire/ EMS resources are committed to an incident for an extended period. 

What is a Task Force?

TASK FORCE - A task force is any combination of single resources assembled for a particular tactical need, with common communications and a leader. A task force may be pre-established and sent to an incident, or formed at an incident. 

What is a Strike team?

STRIKE TEAM – A strike team is defined as a fixed number of like units and personnel. Strike teams can be composed of engines, trucks, squads, tenders, ambulances, brush units, divers, hazardous materials or technical rescue.